Catherine Hogan

Director | First National Real Estate Hogan Riverso Working in Knox for the same agency for well over a decade, Catherine has seen huge changes in the area as Knox has grown and flourished over the years.
With a very long Real Estate career working for some of the industry's largest companies, Catherine has always outperformed her peers and competitors in her career both in Sales and Property Management.
Possessing a genuine desire to resolve any situation, Catherine thrives naturally within a competitive environment.
She demonstrates with her actions and is widely known for her impeccable reputation and vast knowledge of all things Real Estate.
As a competitor observed lately, there is nothing about Real Estate that Catherine does not know. With an unblemished reputation and well known for her fairness - there are hundreds of loyal and happy Vendors, Rental Providers, Purchasers and Renters who will happily attest to Catherine's experience.
With an in-depth knowledge of the area combined with decades of Real Estate experience, make sure you speak with Catherine before making any decision about local real estate.
She is always available so pop in and say Hi next time you are in the Village.

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